About us

Sort was founded by highly experienced, like-minded digital specialists who wanted to improve how digital change is done.

Together, we’ve defined a set of beliefs that help explain what we're all about. We call it The Sort Code.

The Sort Code

We deliver positive, measurable outcomes

We learn about our clients' organisations and question the status quo to solve the right problems with the right solutions.

We keep things simple, honest, and straight-talking

We hate working in isolation and much prefer open, transparent collaboration. We speak plain English, not jargon, and avoid building unnecessarily complex solutions.

We deliver long-term value through partnerships

By continuously delivering positive outcomes, we learn more about our clients' organisations and provide a greater return on their digital investment.

We are flexible, always doing what’s needed

We are a multidisciplinary team of self-motivated specialists with no bureaucracy. When something needs doing, someone does it. We want to help and never hide behind job titles.

We meet user needs

We understand the needs of our clients' users and adapt to changing behaviours through continuous delivery cycles of building, measuring, and learning.

We are actually agile

We can adapt quickly to all sorts of change, internally and with clients, using our outcome-lead methodology, regardless of whether or not it breaks "the rules" of agile frameworks.

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