Prepare for “no-deal” Brexit with Sort

Prepare for “no-deal” Brexit with Sort

Andy Tinker-Switzer
By Andy Tinker-Switzer
03 Jan 2019

At Sort, we’ve proven that our unique outcome delivery approach is ideally suited for preparing organisations for the potential impacts of Brexit well before March 2019 (be it hard/soft/managed/unmanaged).

For the past 9 months, we have been helping teams within a Central Government department prepare critical operations for the potential impacts of a “no-deal” Brexit using this approach.

Here’s what this has involved…

Planning for uncertainty

Using our agile, outcome-lead approach, we collaborated with the department’s team and engaged with relevant local stakeholders to understand their needs for maintaining their operational capability when the UK leaves the EU.

Focussing on operational outcomes resulted in us implementing quick, lightweight technical and non-technical solutions to validate whether or not they could achieve the desired outcomes.

Desired outcome

“Ensuring these Central Government department teams could continue operating business-as-usual after 29 March 2019 in a “no-deal” Brexit scenario.”

Within just 2 weeks, we delivered working software very quickly and were validating these solutions through our cycle of real user testing, measuring improvements, learning from them and iterating.

Through this iterative, outcome focussed approach we were able to deliver operational process improvements, through a mix of custom and off-the-shelf software, and identified the need for a new team and standard operating procedures to augment the existing team.

Altogether, this ensures that all of our efforts are working towards the desired outcome, which will ultimately result in maintaining the operational readiness of the teams if “no-deal” Brexit becomes reality and we’re faced with the potential problems of losing access to systems, processes and information.

In any case, the solutions that we’re implementing are a huge improvement on existing operations and are likely to be used whatever the end Brexit outcome is.

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Sort has a wealth of experience in delivering positive outcomes in a truly agile manner.

Our honed delivery approach is well-suited for the challenges of preparing business and organisational operations for the potential impacts of a “no-deal” Brexit.

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