Privacy policy

Updated November 2018

In all honesty, we make a conscious effort to collect as little personal information about you as possible through our website and general business practices. We don’t just do this for GDPR compliance but we respect the privacy of everyone who interacts with us.

This privacy policy applies to personal info gathered from our website, as well as to other personal info of our customers, potential customers, and employees that we’ve collected in running our business.

We use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track visitor behaviour on our website. This is common practice across most websites and ours is no different. The tracking code for these systems is openly visible in the source code of our website.

We do this in order to understand the content our website visitors find interesting so that we can focus our efforts on creating more interesting content that’s appreciated by our audience. In doing so, it will help attract the right audience for our business.

You can read all about Google’s privacy but it is quite lengthy. In short, we can confirm that we do not collect any personal information about your visits, not even IP addresses, when using Google’s tracking tools. Everything is anonymised.

The kind of information we can see is along the lines of “x amount of people have visited a page”, “x amount of people clicked a link”, and “according to Google’s data (which we don’t have access to), x visitors are located in the UK”.

The same level of tracking and visibility applies to other tools and cookies we may use. We get valuable information about what content visitors have engaged with on our website but no information about who those visitors are. For more information about cookies, visit

We would like you to contact us via email

Sending us an email will naturally provide us with information about you in the contents of the email. By sending us an email, you grant us the right to store the information that you give us and any additional info that you might provide in follow-up communications.

Again, we only store what’s necessary in order for us to maintain a relationship with you and we will delete it when we no longer have any need for it. The EU GDPR regulation grants you the right to, at any point in time and at no cost:

There is a lot of legal information that supports this, which you can read in a user-friendly format at The best way to contact us regarding this is through our contact page.

What we do with your personal information

If you represent a company that’s one of our clients or one of our potential clients, we will enter your information into our customer relationship management (CRM) system in order to make managing our relationship and contacting you easier for our team.

We may also add personal information about your colleagues when it’s shared with us if the business relationship between us can benefit from it.

As our working relationship progresses, we may produce contracts and other documentation that features your name and possibly other information, still keeping to our approach of using the minimum amount of personal info required.

All personal data collected through this website will primarily be stored in cloud services utilised by our company and these may reside outside of the EU/EEA.

Data privacy and security

As we are a team of digital professionals and firm believers in doing what’s right, we naturally care a great deal about how your personal data is handled.

We therefore keep our team abreast of the latest data privacy and security updates from our industry and adopt solutions and practices that keep your information secure whilst meeting our needs.

If a data breach occurs, we will inform the subjects of any personal data compromised as soon as possible, once it has been detected. We will cooperate fully with anyone affected in order to minimise the risk of possible harm as a result of the breach.

Privacy policy updates

We will update this privacy policy from time to time. Updates might be a result of legislation changes or the adoption of new solutions that will process personal information.

Rather than spamming you with information regarding privacy policy updates, we’ll update this page with the date of when we updated our privacy policy for those who are most interested in this information.

We welcome any feedback on our privacy policy from users of our website, even if there’s something you don’t agree with, to help us continually improve how we work. Feel free to contact us with your feedback.

That’s it, you’ve reached the end of our privacy policy. Thanks for taking the time to read through it all!